2000 BMW M Coupe

Bavarian Motorsport History.

Featured in the november 08 Performance BMW Magazine!

with over 600 photos 

I’ve decided to sell the M Coupe to free up some extra funds to move forward in life. Having other projects needing completion along with having this one completed leaves it not getting any attention. The car has been driven well under 8k miles in the last three years. I documented the full motor and turbo build on bimmerforums.com as well blueprinted pictures electronically;  also retaining a bound book of expenses during the “turbo” build totaling over $22000 (kept in chronological order). The build was a three-year project and spared no expense.

Current tune is for low boost (11psi WG pressure) dyno’d 450whp and 450wtq. The car has an AA methanol injection system but has yet to be tuned for it, solely because I’ve not upped the boost. Quite frankly its current tune is plenty of power for me, and hasn’t prompted me to increase pressure. The Car will and can easily hold an increase.  If your looking for a reliable boosted high horse car this is it. I challenge any to find a cleaner more meticulously built coupe than this one. Those who know me and know the car can vouch for that.

.the coupe sold June 17th 2010.