• 8.1.06:   When I had the  first thought of starting the turbo build was when the coupe had the AA-c30 rotrex kit from AA. It had a nice linear power band but lacked the kick the car needed. Not mentioned tuning holes and heat sink issues. Sold the c-30 to move onto bigger and better things.

turbo build highlights:
from AA SC to Turbo
debt free build
pt6776 t4
666 manifold
cp pistons
eagle rods
tial bits
vac remote oil filter kit.

all pics are in chronological order and prices accumulated…

  • 1.23.07   pulled engine (bottom end).
  • 1.25.07    worked on the motor yesterday: removed the alt, removed wiring harness (labeling all pigtails and loose wires), removed clutch and flywheel, mounted block to stand, drained oil, removed pass side motor mount.  next week: removing oil filter housing, water pump, crank pulley timing chain, etc….
  • 2.2.07    bought a new impact gun yesterday 450ftlbs worth… (for the crank stud)
  • 2.3.07   out with the old in with the new / also got the FMIC.
  • 2.4.07   decided to return the cast log style turbo manifold and go tubular, more money but worth it in the long run.
  • 4.4.07   pistons / main studs / spec clutch / on the way !
  • 4.5.07   Main Bearing Set / Crankcase Gasket Set / Rod Bearing Set / purchased…
  • 4.24.07    Tial 50mm BOV / 75lb injectors / Momo Mod.07 steering wheel / mufflers / ordered.   SPEC clutch arrived

  • 4.25.07   main studs arrived: sold alum intake manifold
  • 4.26.07    top mount turbo manifold ordered today
  • 5.16.07   ordered fidanza ltw steel flywheel
  • 5.18.07 also purchased today a hobbs switch, it was the missing link for my alcohol/water injection system
  • 5.23.07 heavily modded the front bumper today to fit the FMIC and started fabbing a bracket for it.
  • 5.30.07   the first of the fuel system arrives
  • 5.31.07    traded diff this weekend … going from 3.73 short lsd to a 2.93 lsd
  • 6.4.07    pistons arrived.
  • 6.20.07 fuel system finally done!fuel pump, fuel pump to line upgrade, braided lines, fuel filter, check valve, FPR install, return line complete
  • 6.20.07   RMR alum fuel rail arrived
  • 6.21.07    finally received tracking info for injectors nearly 3 months since order date. shrouded my front bumper to intercooler, in hopes of increased efficiency.
  • 6.22.07   m50 intake manifold arrives today
  • 6.26.07    injectors finally showed up 75lbs
  • 7.3.07   mufflers arrived today, straight thru vibrant flat black line x2
  • 7.9.07   HIT A HUGE SNAG IN PROGRESS.   on 4.27.07 i ordered my custom top mount turbo manifold, 7.9.07 that order was cancelled and refund requested after numerous “two week” eta’s.   this decision weighed heavily on my conscience. either i continue to wait not knowing the status, or get a refund and go somewhere else and wait.. the thing is i continually kept contact with the seller and never received a satisfactory response. theres a not so pleasant (recent) history of my relationship with the seller, so i feel this decision is for the best right now.
  • 7.31.07   well ive been speaking with jon volk and looks like ill be going with him. god knows i wanted top mount. but at least i know im getting a great product thats of high quality. and that the product will be shipped. motor still isnt finished they said it will be done this wednesday but we’ll see.
  • 8.21.07   finally got the call from engine guy! motor is done (balance, bore/hone, tanked, slight deck, etc.. )
  • 8.31.07   picked up the block and internals. now back home for assembly.
  • 9.1.07   assembly process
  • 9.3.07   crankshaft, main bearing, rings gapped and installed, rod bearings installed, and pistons installed
  • 9.8.07 assembly updates
  • 9.11.07 dropped head off : for porting, cleaning, lapping valves, valve guides and seals
  • 9.13.07   momo mod 07 came in. wheel sorta mounted waiting on horn adapter. the pic doesnt do this wheel justice, im extremely pleased with its look and feel.
  • 9.22.07 got married: went to jammaica 9.23-9.30
  • 9.30.07 i finally have a turbo manifold
  • 10.5.07 well i got some bad news from kevin about my head needing exhaust valves. so i bought a full set of Ferrera competition Valves today should be here the first of the week. hoping the head will go on very soon.
  • 10.18.07 finally got the head back today.  hg coated, head installed, guides installed, lifters/cam trays cleaned and installed, turbo manifold installed, wg installed
  • 10.19.07 harness mounted manifold: tapped, cleaned, hobbs, vac gauge, installed. injectors installed. fuel rail installed
    other bits cleaned. the end is near !
  • 11.5.07 VACmotorsports remote oil filter block arrived
  • 11.9.07 mounted and installed tilton scavange pump for the turbo drain (plumbed and wired mostly) im particularly proud of it location! just need to add a drip after the turbo.  installed the vac block: and plumbed it etc.. alt installed (had to tap the the housing to fit) now just need a to buy the inline filter and a cooler. did some random wiring of the harness and cleaned things up a bit as well
  • 11.19.07 drip tank parts and crankcase vent adapter came in today
  • 1.7.08 got back on track after my holiday break. ordered: Tial bov, Vorshlag Poly mounts
  • 1.8.08 question from forum: “here was a thought you did…. located a catch can in the middle of the oil drain….and you used the pressure from the crank venting to help aid the oil draining. if one could mount a little catch can there would the extra oil volume only help it drain.”  the explaination:
  1. originally i wasnt going to run a pump but just return to the pan (that was the idea when i was going top mount).
  2. since im doing a bottom mount now and running what i consider a midsized journal bearing turbo. wasnt happy with still routing the return to the pan alone no matter the placement of it. the risk factor was to high me to be satisfied (IM NOT SAYING IT WONT WORK TO THOSE THAT DO IT) thats just not how i roll.
  3. so plan one after the BM decision was just to run the pump. but from what ive seen most of the builds using pumps in the past are on e36s, those using pumps are mostly mounting to the chassis with the exception of a few. since im building a coupe there isnt a lot of room to mount one after the Wastegate, alcohol/water kit, FPR and what not are mounted.
  4. when i decided on where to mount the pump (under hte intake manifold) i decided to tap the pan on the drivers side which is the highest position on the pan. which to me meant sweet no drain problems no blockage etc.. (i didnt want to use the dip stick either, for other reasons) but then after sharing my placement ideas with some friends i got some doubt, that pump wont create the suction needed since it will be mounted higher than the turbo. so i called tilton and spoke to a tech, actually spoke to two different techs and they confirmed the idea would work. however they mentioned some very valid and scary issues.
  5. tilton asked me a series of questions: Q> will the oil be cooled coming from the turbo?  A well i hadnt planned on it. Q> what your normal operating oil temp ? A 230-260 degrees  Q> how long is the return ? A less than 3 ftTilton> here is our concern, we cant warranty the pump above 300 degrees. your engine oil temp isnt that far from that, and distance the oil has to travel from the turbo to the pump is long enough for the turbine heated oil to cool, you run a high risk of pump failure down the road. we suggest in your setup to run a alum drip tank to allow the oil to collect away from the turbo and cool. the larger surface area that oil the spread the better. A aight word im on it. TILTON> youll have to implement a crankcase vent to the drip tank Me why ?  TILTON> the pump on start up will created a suction, that will weaken the sells in the turbo and cause leaks. you need to vent to the crankcase so that on start up its not sucking the daylights out of the turbo and not getting any oil.  Me hmm can i just vent to the atmosphere ? TILTON> we wouldnt rec you do that, debris and moisture will damage the pump and could make it lock up creating even bigger problems for you. the crankcase isnt pressurized and will be the best option in any application.
  6. now the problem there is where to vent, which i thought long about i didnt want to tap the plastic valve cover nor tap the head. so what was avail for me to vent that would be safe from moving parts. call it genius or stupidity, the vanos plugs, once closed will never need to be open unless i remove the vanos. and the middle is less likely to have oil pooling since its slightly higher. problem though that thing is a m22x1.5 and i need it to go to a -4 or -6 an flare. after days of searching i found something close to home, SETRAB. setrab oil coolers use a m22x1.5 thread.  so thats how that came to be
  • 1.17.08 turbo ordered:
    Part Number: PT6776
    Compressor Cover: T04HPS (4.00″ Inlet Ported)
    Turbine Housing: T4 Tang .68 A/R
    Bearing System: 360 Race
    Garrett Compressor Wheel Trim: 63
    Garrett Turbine Wheel Trim: 76
    Garrett Compressor Wheel Specs:
    Wheel Trim: 64
    Wheel Inducer: 2.620″ (67mm)
    Wheel Exducer: 3.310″ (84mm)
    Garrett Turbine Wheel Specs:
    Wheel Trim: 76
    Wheel Inducer: 2.920″ (74mm)
    Wheel Exducer: 2.542″ (64.5mm)

  • 1.22.08 big summit order. more oem stuff power steering parts etc..   ordered VAC seat brackets for the drivers side.

  • 1.24.08   more big orders made today
    Hump Connector 3.00″ – silicone 2
    Straight Connector 3.00″ – silicone 2
    Elbow, Cast Aluminum, 3″, 90 Degree 1
    T-Bolt Clamp – 3.00″ 10
    Breather Filter, Compact, 1″ clamp on 1
    O2 Sensor Bung 3
    3.00″ Flex SS, 6″ Long 1
    1/8 Silicone Hose 8ft
    1/4 Silicone Hose 8ft
    3″ V-Band CNC Stainless Steel FLANGE Kit
    3.0″ OD x 4″ Radius Mild Super Intercooler Builder Kit

  • 1.25.08 received the plumbing from Pegasus and went to cross for some fittings. and the turbo is here. got it from EXTREMEPSI great deal great price and came in 4 business days
  • 1.26.08 tubo mounted. fuel rail issues solved. etc.. and shes off the stand now on the picker.
  • 1.30.08 flywheel on, clutch installed, new pivot arm and bearing. etc.. (sad story about the pilot bearing, cliffnotes: if you need a tool in a hurry a pay extra for it to arrive to keep your schedule dont get it from ZDmak) also cleaned up the fuel return with a bling bling check valve from earls. the other would have worked im sure but this is a safer bet.
  • 1.31.08 1year 1week and 1day for reinstall. this thing all buttoned down and ready for install is huge! i had to remove the AC bracket and the wastegate to get her in there.
  • 2.2.08 radiator in, ac system finished, fuel system finished. shifter linkage, wiring, etc…
  • 2.4.08 got the most the wiring done last night. except for the aux fans, mister, and hot wire for oil pump.
    whats left.
    charge pipes (tomorrow)
    diff cover
    expansion tank for coolant
    oil cooler plumbing
  • 2.6.08 tig’n the charge pipe.
  • 2.20.08 rad tank mounted and plumbed, random plumbing completed, WG to turbo compressor housing plumbed. oil cooler mounted. bride exas III mounted..
  • 2.24.08 in regards to the comments about the short arp studs. i got a some more opinions and spent all weekend pulling the subframe and pan to rectify. my solution after checking the TQ was to retract the studs a bit. i went 2.5 rotations to give me 2-3 spare threads a top the caps.
  • 2.24.08   intake pipe. mister port. remote cooler thermostat
  • 2.24.08   drivers seat final install. (brides run a bit narrow. two inner brackets = problem solved)
  • 3.4.08   expecting delivery of this in the coming days (PNP tec3r with plx wideband and 52mm gauge, map sensor) the end is days away. a quick to do (before cranking): install tec3r, add oil, add coolant, drain fuel, bleed the clutch, still need to buy my dump tube bends. 1.75″ 304 ss (but she’ll run without), find e30 seat belts receptacles. egt gauge bung, finish up exhaust
  • 3.30.08  tec3r installed. drivers 7pt harness installed / sparco harness bar. drip tank done
  • 4.12.08   Cranked 3rd key turn
  • 4.18.08  we got the downpipe done. got my filter from K&N i barely got it onpast hte motor mount it was huge! also i noticed that the fuel check valve from earls was leaking so i fixed that. (came to the conclusion its not worth the price at all)
  • 4.19.08   got the two pipes all the way back the rear axles.. got the my BIN from Cameron uploaded, runs much much better than it did in the video. this should hold me over until i can get to a dyno. in all honesty i couldve driven it last night. BUT its such a production to get this thing off of the ground. ill wait till shes done, got just a tad more. mount the mufflers and hangers, then shes on the ground. do a heat cycle.. ill still have some things to do on the inside.
  • 4.20.08   cut the rear valiance today also cut a dope piece of copper sheeting over the battery box and got the mufflers hung so i can weld up the new hangers. the drivers side is done just need to be welded. should be done tomorrow.
  • 4.22.08   well last we finished up the exhaust. ill try to get more of it shes a beauty. (i envy the single pipe guys.)
  • 4.23.08 drove her to work today. few things need to be addressed but shes running and running well. aside from small updates.
  • 4.29.08   break in my oil change schedule. with dino oil. (little to no boost) hard accel and decel. + normal daily driving heat cycle then change. then @50 150 350 500 @ 500 im going to run synthetic RL or RP after i research which is readily available locally. 500-1000 a bit more aggressive. with some boost etc.. change at 1000 and then im set i believe.
  • 5.08.08   mounted my AFR using the blitz suction cup mount.. it put it over my oe temp gauge on the main cluster. i really like the result.
  • 6.20.08 dyno tuning. so im back was there from 2-6pm.. got some nice numbers for what i wanted to accomplish tonight we pulled alot of fuel and got her nice and smooth. he also says my timing is still a bit conservative. we decided since the motor had less than 1k miles on it we keep the boost down too: at wg pressure. 11psi. 93 oct without alc. aprox 86 degrees. 11.63 afr. 445.3 whp 396.3 ftlbs at 5900. very respectable in my opinion for low boost. it was on a dynomite chassis dyno ill post the chart when i get it in my email. the tq is sickly smooth, hits 396 early 4200maybe and stays there. i plan to go back in august for more PSI / alc injection / 93+
  • 5.10.08   vanos nuts on intake cam backed off and snapped the studs, found all the debris and replaced a few damages elements. very fortunate!  will always buy new from now on!
  • 7.16.08   A lot of things have changed. More aggressive tune is being ran, still on wg pressure currently. Running really strong. 450whp and 450wtq
  • 11.21.08   i was contacted during my build via new-sweden for a PBMW feature so i gladly jumped at the opportunity. a year later still in contact with progress i asked the editor about doing a double feature for more coverage, and told them about clint’s coupe one of my all time favs. i told a story of have dueling good and evil polar opposite builds and they were all for it. june 08 we drove to NJ for this.
  • 1.15.09   umnitza projectors
  • 4.16.09 added a pressure gauge and bleeder to the coolant system.
  • 5.25.10 compression test done for a potential buyer: (dry)
  1. 148.5
  2. 150
  3. 150
  4. 149
  5. 150
  6. 150
  • 6.19.10 car sold
  • 7.30.10 at buyers request a wastegate recirulation was completed
  • 8.13.10 shipper picked up for transport to Utah, milage recorded and pics taken
  • even more pics are avail.